St. Philips Church turn of the century by Henry M. Progar

Letter from our Senior Warden

Dear prospective candidate for our Part-time Rector,

Senior Warden Edward D Taylor, Senior Warden

We are St. Philips, an Episcopal parish in the Episcopal Church in Delaware,
where everyone is welcome. St. Philips is a community of faith, dedicated to carrying
the message of Jesus to our neighbors. The Holy Eucharist is at the center of our
worship. Our parishioners value our liturgy, in praise of God. We show love and
compassion in our pastoral care ministry. Our outreach ministry offers support to the
needy as a reflection of our concern for social justice in our community. We work to
engage our children, youth and adults in Christian education and activities.
St. Philips has a history spanning over hundred thirty-five years. We are blessed with a
beautiful church with exquisite stained glass windows, and a magnificent organ. We are
fortunate to have parishioners who enrich our music with vocal and instrumental
talents. Our sanctuary, with its excellent acoustics, is an attractive venue for outside
musical group performances. Our social spaces facilitate the Sunday preschool, and
organizations such as Al-Anon.
In this time of transition, we were guided by our interim rector, the Rev. Blake
Wamester, in partnership with the vestry. Rev. Blake has since left us, and we will use
the services of a supply priest until our next rector arrives. Our lay leadership is
dedicated and energized to strengthen our ministries and grow our congregation.
We are searching for a Part-time rector to work in in partnership with us as we Invite
Welcome Connect
with our neighbors and community; to inspire and challenge us with
spirit-filled sermons; to help grow our children and work with lay leaders to build adult
education programs. We want a priest to guide, inspire, and to aid us as we witness to
the power of God’s love and bring Christ’s light to the world.
We are addressing our challenges and opportunities as we navigate during this
pandemic and are hopeful for the future.
We invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us as we seek to love and serve

God bless you,

Edward D Taylor, Senior Warden