We Are St. Philip's Church

A family parish who welcome those just visiting or those looking to be a part of our regular family

As a Church


a) Friendly and open to all people.
b) Active and well known in the community.
c) Support community projects.
1) Transitional Housing (plan initiated at St. Philip's)
2) Habitat for Humanity (House over 400 College students).
3) Laurel Senior Center (Started in St. Philip's Memorial Hall).
4) Parishioners demonstrate concern and care for one another.

Areas We Want To Grow

a) Lack of interaction between 8:30 & 10:30 service attendees.

b) Percent of attendees at Sunday services versus members

c) Recognize need for change but lack flexibility


Community Outreach

We provide help with Rent, Utilities, Family assistance and Transitional housing. These items were provided approximately $17,000.

Food Ministry

The Virginia Jones Trust along with donations from our parish Provide grocery store gift cards to families and individuals in need.
We purchase food for various organizations throughout our town to distribute to the community.


Every year three area students are awarded 4 year scholarships of $5,000 each, per year


We support the Laurel Public Library annual summer reading programs

Other Organizations

ECW (Episcopal Church Women, Alter Guild, Church school, Acolytes, Food Ministry and Angel Hugs (knitting group)

Annual Activities

Strawberry Festival
November Auction
Harvest Festival for Families & Children
Lent-Shrove tuesday "pancake supper"


Senior Warden: Edward Taylor
Junior Warden: Suzanne Johnson
Vestry Members:
John Schwed
Lisa Schirtzinger
Joanne Czernick
Craig Elliott
Aimee Thomas
Abby Wilkerson
Edward McWilliams
Clerk of Vestry: Margaret Anderson
Treasurer: Cheryl Martin


Acolyte Coordinator: Cheryl Martin / Jennifer Schweitzer
Alter Guild: Barbara Wise
Choir: Wesley Mitchell, Organist
Christian Education: Brian and Diane Calloway
Counters: Geraldine Taylor
Healing Team: Rector
Old Christ Church League: Keith Lloyd
Server Scheduler: Peggy Murphy
Angels Hugs: Sharon Healy / Sharon Ward
Ushers: Edward Taylor
Wedding - OCC Keith Lloyd
ECW: Jennifer Schweitzer
Sexton: Nancy & Tim Re
Columbarium: Ellie Guest / Geraldine Taylor
Activities Director: Cheryl Martin
Office Administrator: Laurie Anderson
Food Ministry: Virginia Johns Trust


St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Search Commity

November Auction

Numbered tickets are placed in a cup in front of each item. Then tickets are drawn to pick the winner.
Raises money for the needs of the church

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Search Commity

Harvest Party

All are welcome for a fun night of costumes, crafts, games and food.
Sponsored by the ECW (Episcopal Church Women)

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Search Commity

Sunday School

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Search Commity

Easter Egg hunt

for Sunday School children and friends.

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Search Commity

Pancake Supper

(Pan cake supper) before Lent Begins. Open to all usually donated to Sunday school and Acolytes.

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Search Commity

Soup Supper

Every Wednesday during Lent we offer a homemade soup supper for visitors and parishioners.


St. Philip’s is a self-supporting parish with a balanced budget, and growing endowments.

The parish has successfully addressed capital improvement needs in recent years with separate fundraising drives to cover the unexpected costs.

While the month of October used to be “stewardship month,” St. Philip’s continually keeps stewardship at the forefront of parishioner’s minds.

2019 Budget Performance

Pledges $55,770.00

Endowment Revenue $96,250.00

2020 Budget Performance

Pledges $63,584.00

Endowment Revenue $110,850.00

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Search Commity